How to Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK in 2022?

Are you considering becoming a taxi driver in the UK? The choice is yours whether you want to drive a taxi for a public or private company. An individual can have a great career as a taxi driver. If you become a taxi driver in the United Kingdom, you can earn a generous salary. There is no doubt that you can earn anywhere between £20,000 and £30,000 a year in the United Kingdom. In this article, we discuss how to earn money as a taxi driver in the UK.

How to Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the United Kingdom?

How to Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK Money-making Taxi Types

To earn money as a taxi driver, you have two options: public hire taxis, also known as black cabs, and private hire taxis, commonly known as minicabs.

Public Hire Taxis | Black Cabs

Most people think of a taxi as a public hire vehicle. Taxi indicators on the roof make it easier for you to identify a Public Taxi. Furthermore, an indicator on the roof lets you know if the vehicle is in use. They can be found everywhere in the streets or at taxi ranks and do not need to be booked online.

These public hire vehicles are licensed by a recognized authority, also known as the Public Carriage Office. Public hire vehicles are common in larger cities such as the United Kingdom, where access to the roads is more limited.

Private Hire Vehicles | Minicabs

Private hire vehicles or you can say private minicabs are also licensed to carry passengers, but cannot stay in the street because they are pre-booked or you have to book it online or via phone. Minicabs or private hire vehicles are usually licensed to carry between 4 and 6 passengers depending on the size of the vehicle.

Minicabs can be also booked for one-off jobs or you can say for recurring work such as taking children to school and from school. Some private hire vehicles are also available to be booked for special events like weddings or parties. For example, Speedwell Taxi offers Pick & Drop, Event Hire, and Executive Hire services.

You can earn money by either picking up passengers from the street and dropping them at the desired location or by using private hire vehicles to get passengers without having to search for picks all over town. Both can be beneficial depending on your preferences.

You can also keep the entire fare if you own a taxi. The cost of gas and a daily rate must be deducted from your incoming fares if you lease. There are some taxi companies that take a percentage of your fares instead of a flat lease payment. Before committing to driving a taxi, make sure you research the company’s policies carefully.

Do Taxi Drivers Make Good Money?

Do Taxi Drivers Make Good Money?

The average taxi driver in the United kingdom earns between £20,000 to £30,000 per year. The average rate of pay per hour for a United Kingdom-based taxi driver is between £9 to £15 per hour. However, sometimes the rate goes up on days such as bank holidays and Saturday evenings.

The amount a taxi driver earns will naturally depend on the number of hours he or she works. Also, taxi drivers in the UK often receive tips from passengers, which boosts their salaries. People who dedicate themselves to taxi driving can earn a great deal of money if they work full-time at it.

Taxi drivers’ incomes also depend on whether they are public or private taxi drivers. Some taxi drivers are with companies, and their vehicles may even be provided by them. As an employee, the business usually covers expenses like insurance and fuel, so these drivers retain a high-income percentage.

How can I Make my Taxi Business Successful?

It is clear in a taxi driver’s job description what most customers will want to make them successful taxi drivers. In order to satisfy your customers, you need to pick them up from their desired location and drop them at their destination in a smooth, safe, and comfortable manner.

The most important thing is that you get the passengers to their destinations safely and soundly. Keeping the speed within the limit is important, and driving safely goes beyond avoiding accidents. Make their journey as comfortable as possible. Following all these rules will result in customer satisfaction, which will lead to success as a taxi driver.


For most towns and cities, taxi drivers provide necessary local transportation services in a safe and efficient manner. If you are planning to become a taxi driver you should think about which type of taxi is suitable for you to make good money. You can also work with companies if you don’t have a car to become a taxi driver.

In a private taxi, you have to purchase your own car, but you can make a good income since you are not limited in how many hours you work. However, most people do taxi driving as a part-time job and can earn an almost good living. Speedwell Taxi is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding taxi services. We have operators available 24/7 to assist you.

Taking a Taxi with a Baby in the UK

As we all know traveling by taxi can be easy and simple, but what about children? We must take a look and find a comfortable child car seat for our kids to keep them safe and comfortable. However, it’s not possible to bring a car seat everywhere that’s why we should first talk with taxi drivers about a car seat while booking a taxi.

We must keep our children safe in the appropriate way. We must follow the laws of safety seats for our kids until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall. Child car seats are very effective in order to lower the risk of injuries in accidents as compared to children without a car seat.

Taking a Taxi with a Baby in the UK

Children without Child Car Seats | When can they travel?

If you are traveling with a child who is aged 3 or above and the vehicle doesn’t have any child car seat or seat belt. In this condition, the child can travel without a car seat in the back of the vehicle. However, children who are under 3 must be in the child car seat of the vehicle.

According to Law, there are some conditions when traveling with a baby:

  • During the ride, the child is in a taxi or minicab.
  • The child is in a van, minibus, or coach.
  • An emergency occurred and the child is on some unexpected journey.
  • When there is no extra space for another child’s car seat while traveling.

Traveling in a Taxi or Minicab

When you are traveling with your baby in a taxi or minicab and the vehicle cannot provide the proper car seat. In this scenario, the Child must travel in the rear seat (seat in the back of the vehicle). A child who is 3 or older must wear a seat belt.

Traveling in Minibuses, Coaches or Vans

There is no such law for minibusses, coaches or vans to provide child car seats. However, if you want one you must get your own car seat.

Traveling Unexpectedly

If you are traveling with a child aged 3 or above and the vehicle has no child car seat, the child can use an adult seat belt under the following circumstances.

  • If the journey is unexpected.
  • A journey is necessary.
  • Short-distance traveling.

Additionally, if your children are under 3 you cannot bring them on unexpected journeys without a proper car seat. Unless the taxi or cab you are traveling with is licensed and your child will travel without a seat belt in the back seat of a vehicle (rear seat).

If No Room for a Third Child Car Seat

Children who are under 3, must be seated in separate car seats. If there’s no space for a third car seat in the back of the vehicle, then children must travel with a proper car seat but in front of the vehicle.

Some Tips on How to Travel with a Baby

Some Tips on How to Travel with a Baby

In this busy era, it is very stressful to travel with your infants. Taking your baby out of your comfort zone in a taxi makes parents think twice. Here are some tips on how to travel with your baby in a taxi:

  • You must know about the laws when you are traveling with a baby.
  • Consider your baby taxi safety options first. If the taxi is without a child car seat, bring your own booster seat and install it.
  • Bring easy car seats. Sometimes child car seat installation is as difficult and stressful as it sounds. Most child car seats are heavy and required extra space. Try to always get easy installation child car seats which are lightweight, can be easily secured with seatbelts, and don’t require a separate space.
  • Always communicate with your taxi driver and let them know that you are traveling with a baby. And you will be installing a car seat.
  • You must try to practice of installation of a car seat. This will make you more confident and will boost your energy.
  • When babies are in a new environment they always get frustrated and annoying. You must be prepared to entertain your baby and try to keep your baby happy and calm.
  • Make sure your baby is well rested and fed before the journey.

How to Make a Complaint about A Taxi or Taxi Driver?

A lot of taxi companies working out there. Taxi is the kind of “small public service vehicle” known as SPSVs. SPSVs have some rules and regulations regarding taxi drivers and cars. One should license before getting a taxi or applying for a job in a taxi company. You can book a taxi or cab according to your own desire.

However, if you are not happy with the vehicles, fares, or services of taxis or drivers. You can make a complaint about a taxi driver or services they offered.

How to Make a Complaint about A Taxi or Taxi Driver?

What Should You Know Before Complaining?

As a rider, if you reserve your taxi or a private hire car via dispatch operator. You should first file your complaint to the dispatch operator and inform them about the inconvenience. if you are unhappy with their response, then you should take notice of the National Transport Authority (NTA).

Section 64 of the Taxi Regulation Act 2013, set the scene for the complaints which you can make to the National Transport Authority. Which includes:

  • The condition of the vehicle (cleanliness, roadworthiness, not working seat belt)
  • The behavior of the driver
  • Overcharging
  • Trouble related to the booking
  • Any advertisement displayed on the taxi

You can easily file a complaint online or use the NTA information line 0818 064 000. Make sure to provide every bit of information collectively.

How do I complain to licensing agency?

You can also make a complaint to licensing agency they will further look into the situation.  You must send a written account of the events (letter or email) in order to fully investigate your complaint. Complaints can be sent to The licensing management can investigate complaints such as:

  • Denial to hire
  • If the driver or operator is rude
  • Verbal abuse
  • If the vehicle is not clean and neat
  • The inner decor of vehicles related to safety e.g. tires, nonfunctional seat belt
  • Overcharging fares
  • Using unfamiliar and long journey routes
What information do I need to supply?

What information do I need to supply?

If you have any complaints regarding a taxi or a taxi driver, first of all, note down the accessible information:

  • Vehicle registration or plate number
  • The driver’s license number or badge number
  • The description of the vehicle
  • Information about any other passenger presence (if any)
  • Time, date, and location
  • Your journey details
  • Booking slip (if you have any)
  • Your contact details

What Happen Next

If you have filed a complaint, it will pass to the appropriate department to allocate. They will commence inquiry regarding taxi company or taxi driver. Your complaint will take time to process. Soon you will be informed by the legal authorities.

There are some ways conclusions if you filed a complaint:

  • No more action is required
  • A guidance letter was issued to management with a formal warning
  • The complaint which you have filed proceeds to court

You cannot file a complaint without any justification and evidence. You must be prepared if the court summoned you.

How to Become a Taxi Driver in the UK?

Taxi drivers provide local transportation in towns, villages and cities. In this modern world of technology, flexible hours are becoming increasingly popular. In taxi driving flexibility pop up as the most beneficiary element. In this job, they have to work the hours mostly when they want. A career behind the wheel is also profitable because cabs, taxis, and private hire cars are strategically in urge.

However, you have chosen to rise your career development as a taxi driver, the question is how to become one. We provide a guideline from the initial stage to the final and utmost stage. Before considering your job as a taxi driver, there are several things you must know about:

How to Become a Taxi Driver in the UK?

Get a Taxi Driving License Legally

In the UK you need to acquire a driving license before driving a taxi. In London, legal authorities required three years of experience to accept you as a taxi driver. However, you have to get a taxi driving license in order to become a taxi driver.

A driving license is a special type of certificate which you can obtain from Transport for London or if you are outside of the capital, you can acquire it via the local council unit of licensing of your area. Once you have a taxi driving license, you are eligible to work with any taxi company.

You Must be 21 Years Old To Drive A Taxi

When you are applying for a taxi driver’s license you must be at least 18 years old. This is the minimum age criteria for applying for getting vehicle license. However, you cannot get a driving license until you are 21 years old. There is no upper age limit for applying and registering with legal authorities.

Validity of License

When you get your license and plan to work outside the capital, you have a slight chance to obtain a taxi driving license for a maximum of three years. However, in the UK vehicle licenses are valid for twelve months. One should renew the license annually.

Getting Insurance is Essential

If you are working as a taxi driver or a private licensed driver, you need to get insurance. It is necessary to fulfill all the road obligations to drive a car, in order to protect you, your vehicle and your passengers. There are some taxi insurer companies in the market, who will help you to get an insurance policy and can work out your payment as required.

Taxi Driver Needs to be Skillful

Taxi Driver Needs to be Skillful

As a taxi driver, you need to have some better communication skills. You will meet different kinds of people from all walks of life. You never know who is going to be your next customer or who is going to spark a conversation with you.

You must be prepared for all sorts of communication. Good impersonal skills and customer services are vital for this job. In order to get a positive response, The National Career Service issued some points as mentioned below:

  • Excellent customer service skills are required.
  • Effective Verbal communication skills.
  • Good Listening skills.
  • The ability to teamwork.
  • To be calm in stressful situations.
  • Command on navigational skills.
  • Work well under pressure.
  • Tendency to accept criticism.
  • Knowledge of public safety and security.
  • Have the knowledge of computers, basic maths, and handheld devices.
  • Ability to pay attention to others and work with concentration.
  • Punctual at work.

Get a Job with a Taxi Company

Once you have your taxi driving license, you need to search for a job with a taxi company as a taxi driver. In the UK, there are many quality taxi services firms, but Speedwell Taxi may be a better choice for you. To obtain a job with a taxi company, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have right to live, and permit to work in the UK.
  • Excellent driving skills.
  • Medical fit for driving a cab.
  • Must check Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
  • An understanding of roads and areas is important.
  • Having a command of the English language.

It is best to become a dedicated taxi driver in order to get extra tips from passengers. In any case, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tipping a Taxi Driver in the United Kingdom in 2022

Did you ever wonder how much you should tip your taxi driver? Most of us who regularly ride taxi cabs have developed a kind of checklist to make the whole process a little easier. Our tips below will help you alleviate the anxiety and avoid embarrassment when tipping your taxi cab driver in the future.

A taxi driver should be tipped based on a variety of factors, such as: Was the ride smooth? Did the driver arrive on time at your destination? Did they treat you well? Your tip to your taxi driver will depend on all of these factors.

How Much To Tip a Taxi Driver in the UK?

When it comes to tipping taxi drivers in the UK, there is no such hard rule to do so, unlike in some western countries. Each country has its own community rules and regulations developed by common people regarding taxi tips. However, some social rules should be considered when leaving a tip for a taxi driver in the UK. For example, taxis normally round up their fares to the nearest pound.

Tipping a Taxi Driver in the United Kingdom

If the fare is £6.70, tell the driver, “here’s £7.” You might not tip if you take a pre-booked taxi to or from the airport. If the driver goes the extra mile to help you with your bags, you might give him a few pounds.

Do Taxi Drivers Expect to be Tipped?

Let’s start with this. Although tipping taxi drivers is perfectly normal, it certainly isn’t a requirement in the UK. Indeed, no one should ever pressure the passenger by giving a tip. However, tips are a big perk of a taxi driver’s work so it’s important to understand your passenger to increase your decent tip. Hopefully, if you’ve provided excellent taxi service, they’ll be sure to give you that little bit of a high tip at the end of the journey.

How Much to Tip for Excellent Service?

The proper amount to tip servers depends on your service. If the taxi cab driver goes faster and out of their way to make your ride as comfortable as possible, tip 20% or higher if you received excellent service. If the driver helped with luggage and was friendly and cheery throughout, and got you to your destination on time, that’s good service deserving a tip.

Don’t Ask for Change

When you’re tipping, don’t ask for change because it’s so awkward. For example, Don’t tip £11.53 especially if you’re paying in cash. Tip £12 and call it a day. You don’t want to be fumbling around looking for spare change, and most taxi drivers don’t even carry change on hand if you ask them to break your pound. So avoid humiliation and just round to the nearest whole pound.

Pay Attention to the Route

Did the driver take the quickest possible route to get to your destination? Did the driver pay attention to traffic and take shortcuts from traffic or crowded areas? If your driver doesn’t seem to be adapting the route based on rush hour traffic, then you can avoid the tip because good taxi drivers have knowledge of the surrounding area. If your driver doesn’t seem to have a good understanding of your area,  then take this into consideration when deciding how much to tip.


Whether you are in the UK,  US, or any other part of the world, you have to deal with taxi driver tipping. You should feel free to tip above 20% if you get excellent service from the drivers. If you received poor service from the drivers, it is better to talk to the manager and then skip on the tip or you can give a low tip. You have to tip the driver depending on the service he provides. And taxi drivers have low income so giving tips to them will boost their income and your driver will be very grateful.


How to Get a Taxi Driver Badge in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom and some other countries, taxi drivers often wear a badge. What is the purpose of these badges? Have you ever wondered what they are for? In the United Kingdom, you must have a taxi driver badge if you drive a taxi. As a licensed driver, this is an important way for the public to recognize you. Getting a taxi badge comes after getting a license as a taxi driver.

Whenever a driver is on duty, he or she must carry his or her badge at all times. Drivers are issued badges as proof that they are taxi drivers and understand all the rules and regulations concerning taxis. The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of how to get a taxi driver’s badge and what types of badges are available in the UK.

How to Get a Taxi Driver Badge in the United Kingdom?

Types of Taxi Badges

There are two types of taxi driver badges in the United Kingdom:

  • Hackney carriage license
  • Private hire license

In both cases, taxi drivers must carry badges for security reasons. A badge is your identification.

How to Get a Taxi Driver’s Badge

It is necessary to obtain a taxi driving license in order to obtain a taxi driver badge. If you don’t have a taxi driving license, you cannot get a badge or drive a cab. To get a taxi driving license you must pass all the tests required for the taxi driving license.  A taxi driving license and a taxi driver badge will be issued to you once you have applied and passed the taxi driving license tests.

For hackney carriages and private hire vehicles, drivers are entrusted with their passengers’ safety. You must be fit and proper to drive a taxi before you can receive a license. Furthermore, you will be known as a taxi driver from the badge for your own security.

Having a taxi license is just for the purpose of driving a taxi and is not for the passenger to know whether you are a taxi driver or not. As a taxi driver, you are required to display a taxi driver badge to identify yourself to passengers.

How to Get a License?

To get a taxi driver’s license in the United Kingdom you need to pass the theory and practical taxi driver test or you have to finish the necessary periodic training, send a medical if needed, and a criminal record check. And you must have the right to work in the United Kingdom.

You might also need the following:

  • A medical examination.
  • A knowledge test.
  • To take a driving test.
  • English proficiency.

Benefits of a Taxi Driver Badge

The benefits of a badge are as follows:

  • You can drive your taxi easily.
  • No issue from the police.
  • Passengers can easily recognize you.
  • No police ticket was issued to you.
  • Identification is easy.

Taxi badges are essential for taxi drivers. In the absence of a taxi driver badge, you will receive a ticket from the police if you attempt to drive a taxi. A badge cannot be obtained without a license, so if you want a badge you must first obtain a license.

The badge also serves as an identity for both the passenger and the police officer. If you do not have a taxi driver badge, passengers cannot determine your identity. Wearing the badge will make you look professional. Having a badge and license is a requirement for taxi drivers.

How to Get A Taxi Driver Licnece in Uk 2022 Easy Methods

Taxi Driving might be the right career choice for you if you appreciate the freedom of spending time behind the wheel, ferrying passengers safely, and providing service with a smile. It is the responsibility of taxi and private hire vehicle drivers to ensure the safety of their passengers. If you are looking to become a taxi driver and don’t know how to get a Taxi Driver’s Licence, you have come to the right place. Here we will guide you on how to get started and become a professional taxi driver in Uk.

Get A Taxi Driver Licnece in Uk

How To Get A Taxi Driver Licence in UK ?

When it comes to becoming a taxi driver, you should consider several factors. A professional taxi driver must be licensed by the Passenger Transport Licensing Division, Driver and Vehicle Agency. To become a taxi driver, new drivers have to complete two stages. The first stage is to get, complete, and submit an application and the second stage is to pass theoretical and practical tests. However, you can also enroll in a driving school to learn how to drive first and then complete the above two stages.

First Stage | Application Process

When applying for a Taxi Driving Licence for the first time, you must consider the following criteria:

  • You must hold a full DVLA, Northern Ireland, or other European Economic Area state driving license for at least three years.
  • Must have the right to live and work in Uk.
  • You must meet the medical requirements.
  • Must meet the requirements for good repute.
  • Passed both theory and practical tests for your current license.
  • Must have a proper HRMC tax check.
  • Applicants must be 18 or older to apply, but licenses are only granted to those who are 21 years or older.

When applying for a taxi driver’s licence, the applicant’s previous convictions, health, and driving experience will be checked. Passenger Transport Licensing Division (PTLD) requires you to submit an enhanced disclosure application form along with the necessary identification documents with your application form. There is no additional fee for the enhanced disclosure. However, from 4 April 2022, HMRC introduced new tax checks for all taxi drivers. Licensed drivers are responsible for paying any taxes due on income earned. You can also find more information about new taxi driving license tests in the manual at 

Second Stage | Passing Tests

The application for stage two can be made at the same time as the application for stage one, however, your license will only be issued once all the requirements have been met.

You need to apply and pass the following tests:

  • Taxi driver theory knowledge test 
  • Taxi driver practical test

In theory knowledge test you have to pass all the requirements required for driving a taxi that including knowledge of routes, Road signs, traffic laws, Highway codes, etc.

In the Taxi driver practical test you have to give practical test driving on both rural and urban roads. There will be a minimum of one hour of driving. Your driving skills and knowledge of road safety standards, as well as your ability to apply them, must be proven to the examiner. You can drive a taxi safely and comfortably while taking into account the comfort and safety of your passengers.

After passing all of the above tests you will be given a badge. A taxi driver should wear a badge showing their license number and display any other identification evidence where passengers can easily see it. A taxi operator can only list one licensed driver at a time.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Taxi Driver’s Licence?

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Taxi Driver's Licence

Taxi driver’s license applications cost between £430 and £450, depending on your location. The fee for the initial application is around £250, including a skills assessment fee of around £40, a ‘Knowledge’ or ‘Cabology’ test fee of around £75, and a £66.60 enhanced DBS check.

Additional fees may apply if you need to provide a medical certificate as well. Again the answer depends on where you live.

Where is to Apply For A Taxi Driving Licence ?

To find out how to apply for your taxi driver’s license and what you need to provide, visit your local council’s website. It generally takes 12-16 weeks, but in cities such as London, where there are more applicants, it may take much longer.

However, if you have any questions regarding a driver’s license, contact your local council or visit the website