How to Make a Complaint about A Taxi or Taxi Driver?

A lot of taxi companies working out there. Taxi is the kind of “small public service vehicle” known as SPSVs. SPSVs have some rules and regulations regarding taxi drivers and cars. One should license before getting a taxi or applying for a job in a taxi company. You can book a taxi or cab according to your own desire.

However, if you are not happy with the vehicles, fares, or services of taxis or drivers. You can make a complaint about a taxi driver or services they offered.

How to Make a Complaint about A Taxi or Taxi Driver?

What Should You Know Before Complaining?

As a rider, if you reserve your taxi or a private hire car via dispatch operator. You should first file your complaint to the dispatch operator and inform them about the inconvenience. if you are unhappy with their response, then you should take notice of the National Transport Authority (NTA).

Section 64 of the Taxi Regulation Act 2013, set the scene for the complaints which you can make to the National Transport Authority. Which includes:

  • The condition of the vehicle (cleanliness, roadworthiness, not working seat belt)
  • The behavior of the driver
  • Overcharging
  • Trouble related to the booking
  • Any advertisement displayed on the taxi

You can easily file a complaint online or use the NTA information line 0818 064 000. Make sure to provide every bit of information collectively.

How do I complain to licensing agency?

You can also make a complaint to licensing agency they will further look into the situation.  You must send a written account of the events (letter or email) in order to fully investigate your complaint. Complaints can be sent to The licensing management can investigate complaints such as:

  • Denial to hire
  • If the driver or operator is rude
  • Verbal abuse
  • If the vehicle is not clean and neat
  • The inner decor of vehicles related to safety e.g. tires, nonfunctional seat belt
  • Overcharging fares
  • Using unfamiliar and long journey routes
What information do I need to supply?

What information do I need to supply?

If you have any complaints regarding a taxi or a taxi driver, first of all, note down the accessible information:

  • Vehicle registration or plate number
  • The driver’s license number or badge number
  • The description of the vehicle
  • Information about any other passenger presence (if any)
  • Time, date, and location
  • Your journey details
  • Booking slip (if you have any)
  • Your contact details

What Happen Next

If you have filed a complaint, it will pass to the appropriate department to allocate. They will commence inquiry regarding taxi company or taxi driver. Your complaint will take time to process. Soon you will be informed by the legal authorities.

There are some ways conclusions if you filed a complaint:

  • No more action is required
  • A guidance letter was issued to management with a formal warning
  • The complaint which you have filed proceeds to court

You cannot file a complaint without any justification and evidence. You must be prepared if the court summoned you.